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From: cluelessiam2002
Date: Mon Jan 27, 2003 3:07am
Subject: hand clasp technique

just been going through some old posts and one or two of you have
been asking about this.
i`ve also added a few of my own variations, lifting of a mobile
phone which the participant cannot because i`ve told him it`s the
heaviest thing they`ve ever encountered, they cannot close a door
because it`s made of lead etc,etc.
look up `emile coue` and/or suggestion/auto-suggestion techniques.
i actually found it here on this board last week and if you read
over it and understand how it works, it actually does ! (remember
though, some people haven`t the mental capacity to understand what
your trying to do or they just won`t let themselves be lead to be
suggestable.he (emile) explains this in his transcript)
i think this is how derren done his dead hand trick in the operating
theatre, as i did this on a friend and he pinched his hand as hard
as he could and couldn`t feel a thing!



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