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From: marcthomashogan
Date: Mon Jan 27, 2003 5:28pm
Subject: Re: hand clasp technique

Hi Clueless

> just been going through some old posts and one or two of you have
> been asking about this.

Yes its a standard of all hypnotic routines

> i`ve also added a few of my own variations, lifting of a mobile
> phone which the participant cannot because i`ve told him it`s the
> heaviest thing they`ve ever encountered, they cannot close a door
> because it`s made of lead etc,etc.

You can use it on anything

A good test for suggestability is to ask a person to close their
eyes and hold their arms our straight

in one hand imagine they are holding a heavy bucket of water with
water flowing from a Tap into the bucket so it gets heavier

And the other hand holding lots of Helium Balloons

As you load suggestions the hands will move further apart, this will
give you a very strong indication of their sugesstability and you
can then move on to the hand locking test if you like!

Kind Regards


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