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From: killerb_0187
Date: Mon Jan 27, 2003 5:32pm
Subject: Excuse me..... MOVE!!!

Right, here's my interesting post :P

Have you ever encountered a person who is infront of you, and you
say "excuse me" to him a thousand times, and he just doesn't move his
arse?? An alternative to "MOVE!!" I have discovered.

I've been using this method for years, and it's worked just about
every time!

This usually works on more arrogant males, people who are not
bothered about others and generally don't like to be told what to do.
I will write a brief explaination as to why I think this works...

Right, on with the method:

When approaching someone (especially if you're behind them, or out of
site), say "excuse me" in your polite tone, then if they don't move,
just say it again; this time a little more louder. If they still
don't move, whistle at them, just as if you're whistling at a dog. It
gets results!!

You'll find that they'll move almost straight away upon hearing your
whistle, but make sure you do it straight after saying "Excuse me"
the second time, so they know that it was from you!

It's very simple to do, and if you do it right, you can get just
about anyone to move. The great thing, is that they won't be insulted
by you one bit (atleast not when I do it).

The reasons I think this works, is because of peoples unconscious
associations with various sounds (i.e. pitches). If you make a wolf-
whistle, for example, at a good looking girl walking past, she will
automatically associate that to herself, e.g. you calling her sexy,
or nice, or fit or whatever...

Now consider the alternative, you ask someone to move (e.g. "Excuse
me"), they don't move, and then you quickly follow up by a dog-type-
whistle, like as if you're calling a dog. Their sub-conscious will
almost automatically associate that whistle to themselves, and will
alert the person to move.

Anyway, I'll keep this post short. Try this method out, and tell me
how you get on!

If you really want to try it out and the opportunity doesn't arise,
then simply get in peoples way and then try it. Heh.... Be careful
though, you don't want an ass-whippin!!

Criticisms are also welcome >:)

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