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From: Ross Gillie
Date: Mon Jan 27, 2003 7:25pm
Subject: Taken from Derren Brown loaded article- avoid parking tickets!

As a few people have expressed their desire to read this, i shall
write it in full.

Derren's comments: This will work with all sorts of situations, but
you need a very natural and confident manner to carry it off. This is
essentially what i did at the dog track to make them pay out on
losing tickets. This is bad. Illustration purposes only, of course...

Step 1: Approach the warden saying "No problem - I do apologise,
entirely my fault. You clearly have a job to do and i should have
been more careful, and i should learn to shake my hand." This last
bit, which makes no sense, is said quickly and casually, as you
extend your hand in a friendly gesture. He should take it, which he
wouldn't otherwise. Then as he does, say "Hey i met your dad
yesterday. He's looking well". You are going to induce a state of
confusion and suggestibility.

Step 2: Don't quite shake hands with him. Take his wrist with your
left hand and slowly bring his hand up in front of his face. Point at
his palm with your right forefinger. Firmly but calmly say, "Look
here. And of course you'll wonder what the ticket is, just like
waking up out of a dream three minutes from now and not sure what
you're doing. That's fine, you can just throw it away wherever you
like. Or put it in your pocket, it's up to you".

Step 3: If you've done step 2 right, he'll be very tranced out and
just staring at his hand while you drive off. His unconscious will
act upon your instructions as a relief from the utterly blank mind-
state which you have induced. And giving him the double-bind option
of whether to throw the ticket away or put it in his pocket is like
asking a kid whether he wants to go to bed at 7.30 or 8pm. Either way
he goes to bed early, but he feels he's making a decision.

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