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From: Joel
Date: Tue Jan 28, 2003 3:54am
Subject: Re: Mind Control Masters

Well, I have heard that to use NLP on goats one should distract them
by wearing marigold gloves...

.... come to think of it, if someone approached me wearing marigold
gloves... *shudder* ....

Joel ;)


--- In a previous message designforlife wrote:

> That's why I honestly think Mind Control Masters would be the
> place for people to discuss method (by which I mean argue about
> vs Marigold Gloves, as opposed to coming up with cool theories
> for example, a robot that Derren secretly controls). After all,
> what I've seen posted here, many of the debaters have legitimate
> claims to be mind control masters themselves, having had quite
> success with goats.
> [Er, by the way...this is a compliment to your newly formed group
> Joel! More than that, I'm sure you'll agree, um...I've just come
> with a great first topic for it?!

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