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From: bingomite
Date: Thu Jan 30, 2003 2:04pm
Subject: Re: hand clasp technique

hello .. first post in a long time ..

i remember when someone first posted the link about emile coue and i
thought il give it a go on my sister, i didnt think for one minute
it would work yet i just belived and to my suprise her hands locked
together and im not sure who was more scared me or her. i then tried
the same on my mam and dad where it worked to and the reaction from
my dad was the best as he just stood staring at his hands for 30
seconds struggling to unclasp them while we were all in fits of
laughter. maybe my family are all very suggestable :-)

my tips would be to just belive in yourself and sound confident as
if you dont theres no way the other person will believe in what your
doing.when you start say something like let me try something on you
to see how powerfull your imagination is and not sometjhing like hey
im going to stick your hands together as they wont take any notice of
you. the key for me is when you get them to fall backwards into your
arms as it shows they trust you and are suggestable to what you are
saying, keep getting them to fall back into your arms before you do
the hand clasp and if they dont fall back they wont clasp their
hands. also just try to keep eye contact to make sure they are taking
in what you say.


p.s dont panic like me if you do manage to do it and calmly say you
can unclasp your hands :-)

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