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From:Date: Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:58pm
Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] beginner

In a message dated 30/01/03 19:32:39 GMT Standard Time,

> can someone tell me how to do one of derrens "simpler" tricks so that
> i can impress the ladies ....know what i mean??

Yeah, someone tell me a general way of planting a suggested number/letter in
someone's head.. :-) I can do the rock, paper, scissors trick, that's good
fun, but quite often I show them, for example, scissors, so they chose rock
with me. Then when I decide 'hmm, scissors causes rock, rock causes paper and
paper causes scissors, let's use the one left out the loop' and BAM! They do
what I originally wanted :-) But nevertheless it works at least 70% of the
time, which is fun.

BUT! Numbers and letters are my next step :-D I generally point with a
certain amount of fingers, and that sometimes works the way it should, but
people accuse me of Uri Geller... So if that made sense to anyone, help me

Do I sound stupid..?


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