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From: gameer_77
Date: Thu Jan 30, 2003 9:56pm
Subject: Re: hand clasp technique

--- In a previous message bingomite wrote:
> hello .. first post in a long time ..
> i remember when someone first posted the link about emile coue and
> thought il give it a go on my sister, i didnt think for one minute
> it would work yet i just belived and to my suprise her hands locked
> together and im not sure who was more scared me or her. i then
> the same on my mam and dad where it worked to and the reaction from
> my dad was the best as he just stood staring at his hands for 30
> seconds struggling to unclasp them while we were all in fits of
> laughter. maybe my family are all very suggestable :-)
> my tips would be to just belive in yourself and sound confident as
> if you dont theres no way the other person will believe in what
> doing.when you start say something like let me try something on you
> to see how powerfull your imagination is and not sometjhing like
> im going to stick your hands together as they wont take any notice
> you. the key for me is when you get them to fall backwards into
> arms as it shows they trust you and are suggestable to what you are
> saying, keep getting them to fall back into your arms before you do
> the hand clasp and if they dont fall back they wont clasp their
> hands. also just try to keep eye contact to make sure they are
> in what you say.
> goodluck.
> p.s dont panic like me if you do manage to do it and calmly say
> can unclasp your hands :-)

Thanks man,

I tried to ask me mum and sis tonight to do it with me, but they
couldn't care less... :(

I tried it last night, when i'm supposedly most receptive, on myself
and it kind of worked...

I pretended i was the dude doing the suggesting in my head, and done
the whole count to 3 thing.

What happened was i removed my hands a little so the palms weren't
touching but the fingers were still together, then it felt odd :p

I tried to pull and felt my arms tighten, then i kinda lost it, and i
could pull it apart :/ :D

Try again t'night though, thanks :)

Just wish my family were as good as yours...

Although i did try it before, but my mum didn't really believe me so
it didn't work - and i didn't do the falling over thing, thought she
might hurt herself :p


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