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From: cluelessiam2002
Date: Sun Feb 2, 2003 11:32pm
Subject: Re: hand clasp technique

it does sound obsessive alright !!!
did you know that 90% of psychotic behaviour in mental patients
actually started to manifest in their unconscious due to the fact
that they couldn`t master the hand clasp technique ?!?

( it`s true !.....really )

i`ve one word for you :


oh... and people that are willing to give it a shot.

--- In a previous message gameer_77 wrote:
> Sorry to sound obsessive, but I just have to do this.
> Could one kind person please, please record the suggestion and
> it to me?
> Please!
> Or, if you know of any, do you know any suggestion/autosuggestion
> orientated sites?
> Thank you...

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