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From:Date: Mon Feb 3, 2003 4:32pm
Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] Re: hand clasp technique

In a message dated 02/02/03 22:20:09 GMT Standard Time,

> That's where i saw it at. :D
> Could you tell me more, like where you did it, when you did it
> (night?), how long you clasped your hands and repeated it over and
> over, anything you done before hand...
> Any details, basically. :)
> Thank you

I did it sitting at my desk in the bedroom, about 7 o'clock (night?). I held
my hands clasped for about 1 minute and a half, or maybe 2, just repeating
the thoughts. Eventually it turned into a low-grade muttering.
I didn't do anything remarkable before hand, except I was soaking a
flannel in hot water under a tap, and then I decided that the water was
getting colder and it did, then hotter and voila, I had a red mark for hours.
Then I remembered about the hand clasp technique everyone on the group is
talking about, and I hadn't tried. So I did.
And that's the story of my life...




"Bee there, orr bee a rectangular thyng!"
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