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From: marcthomashogan
Date: Tue Feb 4, 2003 9:17pm
Subject: Persuasion-skills Seminar & Derren Brown Political Programme


Dear All

Just a quick note to say "Thank You" for braving the weather and
attending on Saturday.

We had 30 attendees, and the feedback so far has been really good.

Because of this I will be holding more seminars later this year

To avoid Spamming I'm going to send out a monthly newsletter
starting in March if anyone is interested you can contact me via the

As for The Derren Brown and making people like IDS ( I didn't see
the programme) but it sounds like a technique we covered on saturday

U find out where a peson is stored that they don't like, and then
where they store a person they like, you then create anchors and
switch them round!

U could do this overtly or covertly

Don't forget you can join the persuasion-skills newsletter by e-
mailing me through the website!

Kind Regards


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