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From: adil263
Date: Wed Feb 5, 2003 12:10am
Subject: help needed!

hi everybody, just need a little help here!

i have just begun my new job working for a bank, and trying to sell
loans to current customer over the phone. we have been training for
just over one week, and our trainer has given us advise, such as,
when speaking to customers, to elaborate on cetain words,
like "reduce" and "saving", etc.

however, i was wondering if someone could be kind enough to help me
to develop some sort of script, which incorporated some forms of
subliminal messages, anchoring, etc, to get customers to actually buy
the loans. i would even go as far as to say that anyone who can
really take the time out to help, i would be willing to actually
share some of the bonus that we get once we have exceeded our target s
(60,000 worth of loans per month).


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