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From: ganetauk
Date: Wed Feb 5, 2003 12:36am
Subject: TECH (oh no, we dont do that here lol ) ....COTECH ....Information - td

metamind@ (i broke the line up because yahoo will cut off the
ending of the email address)

is my mail for those of you who wanted it and wished to have
information on where the new cotech group is going to be found. I was
surprised when I tried to log onto cotech and it was not found. Of
course, the person who took it off will not been found either lol :o)
(just teasinnnnnnnnng oooofff course lol ....yeah, yeah)

I also put up a chat and that was taken down too. I have a few ideas
to get cotech up and running again.

Regards Yrret

ps. i dont have anyones email so if you mail me i can get back to you
via reply etc. metamind @ hotmail . com

--- In a previous message Ross Gillie wrote:
> God dammit!
> So what's gonna happen now? Are you gonna try and bring it back
> yahoo or are you gonna try another site/place etc?
> Dammit, all that info...gone!
> Grrr.
> Oh and TD, could you email me as well as i notice you have none
> appears on yahoo.

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