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From: marcthomashogan
Date: Wed Feb 5, 2003 1:19pm
Subject: Re: help needed!


Rather Than a script, and just by your post, I would suggest a
slightly different approach.

Its important that you feel cofidant, relaxed and have rapport with
your customers, this will give your words the power to persuade

If you want to have a chat on how to do this via e-mail contact me
via my web-site


--- In a previous message adil263 wrote:
> hi everybody, just need a little help here!
> i have just begun my new job working for a bank, and trying to
> loans to current customer over the phone. we have been training
> just over one week, and our trainer has given us advise, such as,
> when speaking to customers, to elaborate on cetain words,
> like "reduce" and "saving", etc.
> however, i was wondering if someone could be kind enough to help
> to develop some sort of script, which incorporated some forms of
> subliminal messages, anchoring, etc, to get customers to actually
> the loans. i would even go as far as to say that anyone who can
> really take the time out to help, i would be willing to actually
> share some of the bonus that we get once we have exceeded our
target s
> (60,000 worth of loans per month).
> anyone????

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