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From: singhstealth
Date: Thu Feb 6, 2003 6:51pm
Subject: Re: remove file

Whatup Rex, if it is rex. I think I saw you on a louix theroux
program about hypnosis. Classic, im pretty sure it was you. Yeah, you
made him go up to women in the street and ask them about star signs
in an attempt to gain superdooperwooper instant rapport. About that
file thingy-when its gone from this message board, dont think the
piracy's over-your file is EVERYWHERE mate. Thats the problem with e-
books. Your better off next time writing it in a proper book, yeah I
know its cheaper to do it e-book style, but your gonna lose loads of
cash through piracy like now with this one. Then again, ppl will just
scan the book...Aint piracy a bastard!

--- In a previous message Rex Steven Sikes wrote:
> I would like the owner and moderator of the list ot email me asap.
> Meanwhile - remove the file please immediately. and
yahoo is being notified of the infringment.
> Your attention to this matter is appreciated. List is being used to
serve ntoice since email is hidden.
> Rex
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communication and intuition.
> "Mystery is the fundamental emotion that stands at
> the cradle of true art and true science." Albert Einstein

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