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From: Ollie
Date: Fri Feb 7, 2003 12:04pm
Subject: Re: derren's tour

I can empathise with you Lauren. I only booked mine for Harrow last
week and all the first few rows had been booked out. Seeing as I knew
about the tour over a month ago, I was also kciking myself for being
so lazy. Are you planning to voluteer? Does anyone have experience of
voluteering in one of his shows in Bristol?
Best Wishes,Ollie

--- In a previous message lauren_macsporren"
> Oh my life I'm so annoyed with myself. I've left it til now to book
> my tickets for Birmingham and I'm in bloody Row M right at the very
> side! I'm sooo angry with myself! I just kept forgetting about it. It
> was either M at the side or S in the middle but I didn't want to make
> the same mistake as I did with Jack Dee cos I was so far away from
> him he was just a blob in the distance no joke! That wasn't at the
> Alex theatre though, it was the symphony hall I think.
> I bet all you lot have got seats right at the front. I'm so
> disorganised sometimes. Damn my stupid memory for not alerting me to
> hurry up and get the tickets!
> Anyway, gotta go and write about Japanese Snow Monkeys for
> psychology. See ya. Lauren

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