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From: trentretro
Date: Sun Feb 9, 2003 1:39pm
Subject: Re: derren's tour

I booked tickets for the first night and decided to travel all the
way from scotland to near london since they said they were only
thinking about dates in scotland but might not have any. but, this
si the strange bit, they did add one date in scotland at the Adam
Smith theatre, and coincidently the friend I'm staying with in london
is called adam smith, i think this is mighty strange!

--- In a previous message lauren_macsporren
> Oh my life I'm so annoyed with myself. I've left it til now to book
> my tickets for Birmingham and I'm in bloody Row M right at the very
> side! I'm sooo angry with myself! I just kept forgetting about it.
> was either M at the side or S in the middle but I didn't want to
> the same mistake as I did with Jack Dee cos I was so far away from
> him he was just a blob in the distance no joke! That wasn't at the
> Alex theatre though, it was the symphony hall I think.
> I bet all you lot have got seats right at the front. I'm so
> disorganised sometimes. Damn my stupid memory for not alerting me
> hurry up and get the tickets!
> Anyway, gotta go and write about Japanese Snow Monkeys for
> psychology. See ya. Lauren

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