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From: Ross Gillie
Date: Tue Feb 11, 2003 7:17pm
Subject: [Derren Brown] Re: ********New Derren Brown chat on Wednesday********

Fantastic, i'll b there. Gotta use my mum's pc though cos java is
fucked on mine. I'd go for a chat with DB over football anyday,
probably cos i don't like it, however i'm getting mortal kombat
deadly alliance on my GC 2moro so i hope i can struggle away from

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2842: Re: ********New Derren Brown chat on Wednesday********Ross Gillierossgillie1Fri 21/02/20032 KB
2874: Re: ********New Derren Brown chat on Wednesday********killerb_0187killerb_0187Sun 23/02/20032 KB

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