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Date: Tue Feb 11, 2003 8:01pm
Subject: RE: [Derren Brown] Re: ********New Derren Brown chat on Wednesday********

ok now ive never posted before but ive been a member of the group for
hmm bout a month now. anyway im 16 and i perform magic and mentalism
weekley in a local restaurant. ive been into magic since i was about..
well as long as i can remember. anyway i will be present hopefully in
the chat on wednesday with derren.

anyway i too had the problem with the microsoft java vm problem. it can
be solved by doing the following:

2. download and install the application (its about 9mb i think)
3. click on the chat link again and it should work.

well that worked for me if anyone has any problems please email me and
ill try to help. anyway im going to make an effort to start making posts
to the group and if anyone has any questions please do email me.


robin martin

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From: The One
Sent: 11 February 2003 19:47
Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] Re: ********New Derren Brown chat on

>yahoo will not let me into the chat room, any ideas??
I have the same problem, it says something about VM ??


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