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From: dave harris
Date: Wed Feb 12, 2003 5:13am
Subject: party trick

I think when Derren does that trick where he makes the man forget
what tube station he is going is amazing. I think it would be a great
party trick if you could learn how to do it.

Which of his skills does Derren use in this trick?

Does he use rapid hypnosis followed by hypnotic suggestion

or is it

Nonsequiturs(first getting the volenteers mind in a confused state as
I understand the meaning) followed by a quick subliminal suggestion

For example Does Derren simply use a technique to get the man on the
tubes mind confused? Then when his mind is in a state of confusion he
whispers to him "you have forgot what station you are going to"? I
am assuming because his mind is confused only his subconscious hears
the command "you have forgot what station you are going to"? Then
once his mind becomes focused again his subconscious tells his brian
he can't remember what station he is going to and the man is now
unable to remember what station he was going to?

Or am I way off the mark?

I am looking to learn the skills he uses in this trick for a good
party piece. Can anybody recommend any good easy to understand
books, videos etc that you know of?

It is minefield out there for books, tapes, videos on skills Derren
uses. I would prefer to buy these sort books etc on a users
recommendation. Any honest opinions on books, cd, tapes videos, live
courses etc on the following subjects would be most welcomed.

Self Hypnosis
The art of suggestion

Are the any other skills/topics I have missed of the above list that
Derren uses?.

I am sorry if this has been asked before but I need the info in
layman terms. I am looking for books, tapes etc that teach the
subject thoroughly but in easy to understand terminology.

All information received will be most welcome.

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