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From: Ollie
Date: Wed Feb 12, 2003 10:49am
Subject: Re: NLP & Hypnosis

Hi Dave,

I recently went to two hypnosis courses run by a company in Brighton
called Uncommon Knowledge. They run two weekend courses on hypnosis:
an introduction and an advanced course. They were run by a woman and a
guy who were both very good. They teach you the basics of hypnosis,
give you a couple of induction techniques and you get to go off and
practice. If (like me), you want something that will give you an
insight into the techniques that Derren uses, then it is a good
introduction. It is also reasonably priced: 89 pounds for a weekend.

I met a girl at the second workshop who had been to training weeks
with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. She thought they were
fantastic, but I think they are around 800 pounds for a few days. As
I'm sure you're aware, many NLLP courses can be a rip off.

When choosing a course, you want to find one where you get lots of
chance to practise. Most of the stuff these courses teach can be found
in books (which cost a lot less money!), but if you want to develop
your skills, you need to practice. I don't consider myself an expert
hypnotist after the courses, but it did give me the confidence to
start practising on friends etc.

I hope this advice is helpful.


--- In a previous message dave harris wrote:
> I am looking for NLP and Hypnosis courses in the uk. I want courses
> with a live teacher can anybody recommend a good college or live
> course in the for NLP or Hypnosis. There are so many courses and
> teachers it is a minefield and I don't wan't to waste my money. I
> know as in all teaching there will be good and bad teachers. Has
> anybody done any school type NLP and Hypnosis training? Can anybody
> recommend somebody they have trained with? Many thanks.

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