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From: aria_da_cap0
Date: Thu Feb 13, 2003 7:10am
Subject: Re: hiya :D

hi Lea, no i didn't ask him-thought it a bit too cheecky :) i was
lucky though as he answered all of my questions, yey!
he's loovely....:D


--- In a previous message Leanne wrote:
> Hello aria,
> did you aks him? what did he say? im being very nosey! im missed
> some of the chat cos of my bloody pc, ggrrr!
> Lea
> --- In a previous message aria_da_cap0 wrote:
> > Hi, been reading the messages for a while but been too shy to
> or
> > in fact join. However, seeing DB is here tomorrow i decided i
> > couldn't resist anymore.
> > must ask him about Sue the psychologist... ;)
> >
> > aria x

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