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From: mjm710
Date: Thu Feb 13, 2003 11:08am
Subject: Partial DB chat transcript - 12/02/02

First up highlights - 2 new special later this year(mostly live),
also MC on DVD plus bonus footage (autumn this year).

Ok next,limitations ....

o I didn't enter the chat room until half an hour after scheduled
start time so I have no idea what happened before 8.00pm. So if
anyone else can remember anything from the opening skirmishes it
would be helpful.

o Also yahoo chat only buffers a certain amount. So some of the early
chat was chopped off.

o I have only put in the questions that Derren answered specifically.
I have cut some peoples questions down but the majority are the full

o I have cut everyone's name down but you should be able to recognise
yourself from what I have left.

o The transcript follows the chat pretty closely - so the questions
do feel quite disjointed at times.


DB yahoo chat 12/02/03 7.30(?)-9.40

DB: MC dvds autumn including bonus footage...
DB: not sure (what extras) yet. Maybe the entire footage of me pole
dancing. Very erotic.

Gordo- are you giving any lectures or recording lecture vids in the
near future.
DB: No. Sorry stopped all that.

Rossgillie: have you ever read emile coue's essay on suggestion?
did you make of it?
DB: long time ago, would have to re-read it

Jh: How is Figaro?
DB: Figaro is delightful

Mrmaj: Will you be visiting Blackpool this year?
DB: No, sorry. Keep away from them now.

Aria: If I saw you on the street in Bristol, would you talk to me if
I approached you?
DB: yes, say hello. I'm utterly charming.

Gameer: Is there an MC 4?
DB: 2 specials in October. Both mainly live.

Davidab: What do think make a really good showman?
DB: I have to be brief. I think the best answer is writing. That and
natural charisma.

Lauren: if someone came upto you in the street, would you be able to
tell if they fancied you even before they spoke?
DB: well if it was you

Mat: What sort of routines do you do on your live show
DB: ah, wait and see my pretty.
DB: I am not suggesting you are pretty, Mat.
Mat: Oh but I am
DB: Neither that you're not, of course

Stu: do you ever contribute to the yahoo group?
DB: no never have, sorry. Nothing personal.

Davidabb How have you managed to master so many separate
so completely?
DB: lots of time and practice.

Bass: What is your opinion on exposing mediums?
DB: I'm all for it.

Jh: Will you be staying behind for a drink at all the shows?
DB: whenever possible

Astoned: Can you recommend any good NLP/Hypnosis trainers or course
in the UK?
DB: Don't really like any of them enough to recommend them.
fun, though, a showman though.

Lauren: Don't forget my challenge to beat you n hand game in
DB: will try not to

Aitch: how much is it to book you for a dinner party and how long
would you perform for?
DB: best to email my manager through the site. Not a good place to
talk prices.

DavidAbb: I can only say that Derren has inspired me and a friend to
do a mentalism show at a fringe theatre this autumn.
DB: let me have the details. I'll come and see it if I am about.
Davidabb: We would be very honoured if you could attend. It will be
in London.
DB: Email my manger with the details. Love to if I can.
Davidabb: The same invitation is extended to everyone in this room.
You are all welcome to see the show for free. Will post details here
when the show is ready.
DB: **** - not coming now ...(!)

Eke: Do you drink
DB: sure

Astoned: Are there any NLP, hypnotism books, or the power of
suggestion that you would say are a must read?
DB: all and everything. Bandlers books are good.

Jh: are you a whisky man?
DB: yes, enormously, In a classy way though, of course.
Jh: Not Jack Daniels then?
DB Christ no

Hypnoharry: Are you planning any workshops in the future?
DB: interesting thought, maybe.

???: Is it better to read more everyday life books on suggestion or
would you recommend reading more of knepper and banachek material.
DB: depends if you want to be a magician or not.

Bass: What is your opinion of those who criticise the likes of Ian
Rowland for exposure?
DB: generally don't sympathise with them.

Jh: do you get chauffeured to the shows?
DB: Yes, though not very posh. I don't drive.
Eke: Is it like a taxi?
DB: No I have a driver.
Snail: Lauren, you can be Derren's new driver
Lauren: yeah derren I will drive you as long as I don't have to
right at a roundabout.
Jh: do you choose not to drive or haven't you passed your test?
Db: choose

Ross: Are you interested in politics?
DB: Nope

DB: Anyone seen About Schmidt? Great film.
Gordo: I assume there was a reason you asked. Did it strike a chord?
DB: no, just thought it was very good and wondered

Jh: What is you favourite film?
DB: Probably Wings of Desire, by Wim Wenders. Also big Polanski fan.
The Tenant great stuff.
Phosjaw: are you a David Lynch fan?
DB: Yes

Ross: Do you play vidoegames?
Gordo: do you still post on magic forums?
Darrenism: Is wings of desire the 1 with Peter Falk about angels?
DB: Ross no, no,no. Gordo no,no, no. Darrenism, yes.

Hypno: How has inspired you most during your career?
DB: A guy called Chan Canasta

Phosjaw: Would you agree to do a Louis Theroux programme?
DB: yes, sure. Flattered.

Lauren: after you sent the ghost train man through his ride did you
take away the fear you'd just given him afterwards?
DB: yes, sure

Bass: Would you describe yourself as the new Paul Daniels?
DB: No bass I wouldn't.

Hypno: Are you planning anymore MC show and when?
DB: 2 specials in the autumn. Next year another series, 2 more
specials. Year after another series.

Jh: Are you looking forward to seeing Richard and Judy (again!)
DB: Oh yes. Are you?

Davidabb: has anyone ever expressed hostility towards you on account
of (what seem to be ) your mind control powers?
DB: Yes, hostility I do get it.

Jh: Do you get stopped in the street much?
DB: yes a few times a day.

Eke: do you like Terry Pratchett?
DB: No, not my thang.

RobinMa: do you ever use instant stooge methods in MC series?
DB: No. Have done in the past as a magician, but silly to do that on

DB: paintings will sell prints soon through the site.
DB: site will be revamped and should be very exciting.
Jh: What has changed on the new site then?
DB too much to go into! Still designing it. Be a month or so.

Ras: Would you recommend Pure Effect for beginners or only trained
DB: useless for anyone other than a working magician.

Gordo: Was your stint in Bristol a warm up for your tour?
DB: yes, same show.

Lea: Do you have any mind control hints I could use for my university
interview this month? Cos I'm really scared
DB: never poo yourself in an interview. They frown on that. Do you
think you might?

Gordo: would you reckon that about 20% of the people at your shows
are magicians?
DB: no, not that many

Phos: the one where you touched the backs of the erotic dancers'
hands is that called pyschokinetic touch?
DB: Not the same

Jh: sometimes you picked people out your live show then looked them
in the eye and said "no sit down" and picked someone else.
Why is
DB: not everyone looks right for it. I have to be quick in assessing
people, so I look for response patterns.

Gordo: have you got the coin thing 100% wrong?
DB: depends what you mean. Wrong 5 times in a row? No. Once or twice.

Robi: What A levels did you do?
DB: politics, german, english

Gordo : are you aware of McGill's mentalism work?
DB: yes. Amusing pictures in the book

Robin: have you learnt more form books or live teaching from others?
DB: most from live work actually doing it

David abb: Do you come from a show business family?
DB: No, not at all. Very suburban

Ross: What is your favourite confusion technique?
DB: I do use the handshake a lot, but equally purely linguistic
versions can be more subtle

Jh: Was the cat yours or did you buy it ready stuffed?
DB: bought it stuffed

Peter: Do you do any work training, demos etc with trad psych
DB: have done some stuff with them, find it all unbearable

Jh: will you have figaro stuffed when he dies? (sorry!!)
DB: yes and mounted as sherlock holmes. All dressed up
Phos: Are you a Holmes fan?
DB: Had a real phase, yes.

Gordo: Did your uni mates give you a hard time when you were plying
your trade?
DB: yes, hugely. Especially the Christian union

Hinkypunk: Have you seen Madame Butterfly?
DB: I have seen a few productions. Do you know who is doing it?

Dorsette: Will you take people from all around the theatre or just at
the front?
DB: I'll do my best. There'll be (hopefully) a lot of people

Ironbrew did you have any other jobs before becoming a full
DB: not really. Sold antique jewellery for a bit and hired wedding
suits in a shop but just holiday work.

Hinkypunk: What was the last play you saw?
DB: tobacco Factory Shakespeare starting here highlight of my
Last thing I saw was a strange Indian thing at the same venue.
remember the name.

Jh: do you find it annoying when people stop you in the street?
DB: no, if people are civil then it always fine. If they're
then it's annoying.

Borntoq: What was your favourite TV moment?
DB: David Brent getting up with the ostrich costume on
Darrenism: What about the League of Gentlemen?
DB: Less keen on that now. Have got to know Ricky Gervais a bit, and
like him a lot.

Davidabb: What is the best way to develop such a variety of moods in
a full length show?
DB: good scripting. Get a director. You as a performer will not be a
good judge of what's working. That's the most difficult
lesson for
any type of magical performer to learn when doing a stage show.

Peter: Were you named after Derren Nesbitt? Or is it a family thang?
DB: possibly, there are few of us around and we all seem to be from
about that time. Awful

Mat: Is nlp nonsense then?
DB: not entirely, no, but as a scene it's way too evangelical for

Phos: Do you like Tony Buzan's memory books
DB: haven't read them

Jamesdav: where did you learn photo reading?
DB: taught myself

Gordo: Where did you get your books, and did stuffed animals stem
from your love of painting?
DB: books from all over the place, animals,.... not sure. It's
very wrong

Peter: have you been tempted to apply your skills to other
applications e.g. stopping the bloody war.
Darrenism: Do a trance induction whereby ...
Darrenism: saddam is made to think he is Jacko
& jacko is made to think he is bush
DB: there's a dirty joke there. Give me a minute.
Nope. Nothing.
Darrenism: & bush is made to think he is on "Stars in their
saying "Tonight Matthew ..." (No I'm not going to go there)
DB: Tonight Matthew I'll be pressing charges?

James: where do you think MC is going?
DB: with 2 live bits this year that'll build it. Then it's a
case of
moving forward, keeping it varied, trying new ideas and formats. Got
some cool ideas (I hope) up my sleeve

Phos: What is your favourite holiday destination
DB: Florence haven't been yet

James: is the new live show very different from the Bristol show?
DB: it's the same it was to run it in
Phos: How much bigger are the tour venues than the Bristol gigs?
DB: Quite a bit bigger. There have had to be some changes.
Dorsette: will you get bored doing the same thing every night?
DB: not at all. It's never quite the same
James; I was at the last night in Bristol and I'm convinced you
planted that mad woman in the audience
DB: she was great. No, not a plant. She fell on her face when she
left. Very funny, though I shouldn't say that.

Astoned: Would I be right in saying the skills you have learnt to do
in your show are NLP, hypnosis, body language and mentalism. Are any
other skills involved?
DB: all those but a lot of showmanship too. It's not a

Borntoq: Was going on Born Sloppy fun?
DB: I was there for 7 hours. Not really
Jh: it looked like a nightmare
DB: mm-mm
James: I thought the Ross thing was harder in a way
DB: Thought ross was OK but not great

Bass: why do you no longer post to magic forums?
DB: I think they're not really my thing

Robin: Is it possible to do something online now or is that too
difficult cos you can't see us?
DB: not a chance. I can barely keep my eyes open

Davidabb: I'd like to do the show with 80% Corinda and 20% with
stuff(Kenton,Banachek, DB). Do you think that is a useful mix or
should we stick to Corinda due to our limited magic experience.?
DB: I can't say. Depends what you're good at , and you think
work the best. Don't try the risky stuff just because it is more
satisfying to perform

DB: It's gone four now and I should probably go. Bless you all
DB: Hah I should stay and see what you all say about me.

DB: Have a lovely evening. Come and say hello after the show if you
can, but do bear in mind I'll be knackered and there may be a lot

DB: Bah- good luck James

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