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From: gameer_77
Date: Fri Feb 14, 2003 4:04pm
Subject: [Derren Brown] Re: hand clasp technique

OK then -

Firstly, squeezzze your hands as tight as you can. I mean REALLY

Then, when your sitting down, put them between your knees and use
your knees to squeeze them together even further ;)

Just think to yourself 'I can't unclasp my hands' about 7 or 8 times
(really, that's all you have to thing, despite thinking otherwise).
It might help to close your eyes.

All the time concentrate on your hands being locked shut. Locked shut.

Then when you've repeated it around 7 or 8 times, remove your hands
from between your knees, and open your eyes, then try to open your

If it doesn't work ( :( ), then try saying it over and over more
times than the 7 or 8 i said.

I done nothing to prepare for this, btw. Apart from seeing a movie,
but i'm able to do it right now.

Glad to answer anymore questions, and persistance really is the key :)

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