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From: lauren_macsporren
Date: Mon Feb 17, 2003 2:36pm
Subject: [Derren Brown] Re: Colin Fry

David Blaine claimed he could levitate but that's a load of shite.
How do you know for absolute sure that there's no such things as
spirits? Surely it's best to keep an open mind until you die, then
you'll find out.

Have you ever watched Colin Fry? Explain how he tells people things
that they had not spoken about for years, or that they had forgotten
about until he mentioned it. The audience members aren't actors
because my parent's friends went on and got an accurate reading.

--- In a previous message Rob Dobson wrote:
> But then magicians don't claim 'magical' powers. And they don't
give people the false hope that their loved ones are still alive and
well and living on. And they don't take money off people on the false
pretence that they are in communication beyond the grave. etc, etc, .
> lauren_macsporren wrote: Why is everyone
so hung up on Colin Fry? So what if he's a fake? He
> makes people happy so what's the problem? Magicians are fakes for
> god's sake.
> --- In a previous message wayneryder wrote:
> > --- In a previous message dsimon9874 wrote:
> > > I notice our vociferous supporter of Colin Fry never rose to
> > challenge of producing us all a transcript to examine and discuss.
> > >
> > > Wonder why?
> >
> > Must look for a Colin Fry discussion group sometime. I'm sure HE
> > must, from time to time.
> > For research purposes, naturally.
> >
> > Don't get me started...
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