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From: lauren_macsporren
Date: Mon Feb 17, 2003 3:09pm
Subject: Re: Walk the Plank

You see the lights go off when the SAS bloke flicks the switch.

--- In a previous message aitch_at_qutec wrote:
> > The room was completely dark.
> Tell us what you actually saw, not what you inferred! ...
> Derren says that a particular switch will turn out all the lights
> the room, which strengthens our belief that the room will be
> completely dark. We see a monitor which we are told is connected
> an nightvision type of camera, which also helps with our beliefs
> about the room in darkness.
> However, we don't actually *see* the room in darkness, we just see
> the monitor screen, don't we? Could that be faked? Hmmmm ... let
> think ...
> H

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