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From: wayneryder
Date: Mon Feb 17, 2003 4:43pm
Subject: Re: Colin Fry

I can't explain it, because I don't know exactly how they're doing
it. But they all seem to work the same way and present themselves
similarly, which suggests to me they're using a system of some kind.
The heavy (occasionally creative) editing of their shows does a good
job of grooming the raw product for broadcast.

It's the moral issue that gets me as riled as I do. I hate
manufactured pop 'bands' for the same reason, they're fakes. Good at
looking good and singing (mostly), but there the talent ends. And
people throw good money at them because the machine's rigged to play
on the kids who'll take the money from their parents to buy their
slick karaoke crap.
The people who are happy are being tricked into being happy, which
amounts to the same thing when you look at the net result.

I guess if you're willing to pay for the honour of being flammed, you
deserve all you get, be it bad music or charlatans.

--- In a previous message lauren_macsporren
> You still haven't explained how Colin can tell someone something
> they haven't talked about in years. Even if he says something that
> the person thinks can't be right, he doesn't just give up, he
> persists and then when they really think about it they realise what
> he's saying is true and remember the exact incident or whatever it
> is.
> What is this cold-reading thing then? Even if Colin is a fake I
> care as I said before. He's not doing me any harm. I just think
> people should have an open mind if they can't prove anything. You
> don't know for absolute sure that all mediums are liars. I mean,
> before Newton, who'd have thought there was a force pulling us to
> ground?
> --- In a previous message wayneryder wrote:
> > OK, you asked for it...
> >
> > Magicians aren't fakes, everyone knows they're being fooled, just
> not
> > HOW. These psychics are the most cynically manipulative scum in
> > circulation since the swindling, bouffe-haired, white-suited
> > evangelical church ministers seen in the US, and no doubt over
> > in droves someday.
> > If they want to get on TV and/or make people happy, why not just
> > they're cold-readers out to amaze you with their uncanny
> of
> > YOUR FAMILY! I can only guess it's because no-one would pay to
> > them, or maybe fewer people would.
> >
> > It'd be interesting (though no doubt difficult because of the
> > Fry & others make for the studios) to get a show made by fakes,
> > either openly or by announcing it at the end.
> >
> >
> > From James Randi's website:
> >
> > A believer recently sent in a puzzled observation to a "psychic"
> > website in the UK:
> >
> > It's my first time here and I just want to say that I think Colin
> Fry
> > is brilliant. However, one question that puzzles me & I hope you
> > people can help! I've just been watching his programme "Sixth
> Sense"
> > on TV. He asked a general question to the whole audience but the
> > camera focused on the person who answered before they made
> themselves
> > known. Are the cameramen psychic too? Even the makers of "live"
> shows
> > like "Question Time" take a good few seconds to home in onto the
> > individual! Something not quite right here!!!
> >
> > Good observation! And I agree with your puzzlement... Another fan
> > sent in this commentary:
> > Having been on television quite a lot, I can say from experience
> that
> > there is so much that is fake, and I find it very disappointing.
> > There is no such thing as a truly "live" show, the amount of
> planning
> > that goes into live shows is huge, particularly the ones that are
> > actually trying to be convincing. I could say more but it is
> probably
> > not the best thing to do, [libel?] but friends who have been with
> me
> > were amazed at how staged it all is.
> >
> > Reader John Atkinson added:
> > One of the TV psychics (Edward?) had a good method. A few weeks
> > before the show was taped, he sent out people into the community
> > take a survey. When these survey people were in the house, they'd
> > take a good look around and also get as many names as they could.
> > They already had the address. A few days later, an invitation to
> the
> > studio would arrive. No one tied the two events together. When
> these
> > people were in the studio, unknown to them, they were assigned
> seats
> > according to their address. It was now a trivial matter for
> > the "psychic" to seem to know a lot about them. The fraud was
> > discovered when a few people switched seats before the show was
> > started, and that caused a lot of embarrassment for the "star" of
> the
> > show.

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