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From: peterhoward20002000
Date: Mon Feb 17, 2003 9:42pm
Subject: Re: Hi all.

Pain! reminds me of when I did training in hypnosis I had to do the
hyno needle thing with a GP 1-2-1 who told me he couldn't tolerate
needles ~ didn't mind givin them out though! He was frit I'd puncture
an artery or summat ~ if you ask me he was the pain. Anyhow these
effects call on a variety of phenomena suggestion, relaxation, etc
plus the natural process of 'habituation' e.g. try pressing your hand
down on a rough surface like a chintzy armchair and focus ~ at first
it feels like you can feel every ridge etc then that sensation fades
and dulls and you become less attentive to it ~ its just the bodys
way of saying hey forget it think about something else, its not a
threat ~ the armchair ain't gonna eatcha. One way of using the
body's own feedback is to press on the hand with the point of a
pencil ~ you can sense that as sharp ~ when you are into the
induction say youre going to do the same thing again and ask for
feedback ~ but this time use the blunt end of the pencil (but don't
tell!)~ the sensation of pressure registers but minus the sharpness ~
the mind registers this has Mmm its working . This does need the
subjects eyes to be closed though!

The classic text is John Hartland 'Medical & Dental Hynosis & its
clinical applications' but the methods are rather directive for
modern times. More accessible and less directive approches can be
found in Hellmut W.A. Karle and Jennifer H. Boys 'Hypnotherapy, a
practical handbook'.

Pain can have a wierd feedback - amplification loop mechanism though.
Although I visit the dentist regularly I have a morbid fear of having
to have a tooth extracted under general aneasthetic. Some years ago I
developed a twinge which turned into a pain and got worse and worse ~
I got dosed up with Ibuprofen, applied oil of cloves etc, booked an
emergency appointment with the dentist. Odd ~ As soon as I entered
his surgery the pain disappeared! Another odd feature though was
that unlike normal toothache which is very localised ~ the pain had
been less specific, very general to an area of three or so teeth. He
poked and prodded ~ took an XRay even as I was so convinced, and
insisted on showing me this as he couldn't find anything wrong. Never
had a problem after that ~ maybe a combination of 'social
suggestible' phenomena i.e. the dentist as a 'voice of calm
authority' and my own feelings at being such a wassock.

I guess that with skill and practice we can tap into these same loop
mechanisms and phenomena to 'turn down' the amplification feedback.

--- In a previous message Mike Vizard wrote:
> See you've started me already. I am not scary in the least. I am
> very interesting and interested in how Derren managed to make the
> students in his program feel pain(toothache) especially the one who
> didn't feel pain when he put the sterilised needle in his own hand.
> I am a long termpain sufferer and would lov to know how to 'Trick'
> my mind into thinking the pain wasn't there.
> Thanks for the welcome Lauren --- In a previous message lauren_macsporren"
> wrote:
> > You sound slightly scary Mike! Welcome to the group, I hope you
> enjoy
> > it from the sidelines. It's the best place to be sometimes.
> welcome
> > to all the other new members aswell :-)
> >
> > Lauren
> >
> > --- In a previous message Mike Vizard wrote:
> > > Hi everyone,
> > >
> > > I have only just found this chat group specialising in a rather
> > remarkable
> > > man, and decided that i had to join in.
> > >
> > > If you don't mind though i will sit on the sidelines for the
> time
> > being in
> > > order to see what topics are found to be interesting to various
> > people, so i
> > > can build up my own mental picture of who/what is out there.
> > >
> > > I shall be interested to see what is brought up.
> > >
> > > Speak soon Mike.
> > >
> > >
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