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From: lauren_macsporren
Date: Tue Feb 18, 2003 1:51pm
Subject: Re: Walk the Plank

Or maybe he had an earpiece telling him the right way to go? If
you're gonna fake that trick there's loads of ways to do it, not just

--- In a previous message aitch_at_qutec wrote:
> --- In a previous message hugo_hadlow wrote:
> > I agree - we see the room through nightvision, which simply
> magnifies
> > light levels. If the room was completely, absolutely dark (as in,
> no
> > light whatsoever) the nightvision would not work. Therefore,
> objects
> > would be _just_ visible.
> And even then this might be faked.
> We see something on a monitor that *looks like* it is in
> nightvision. For sake of argument, if the room were lit up with
> bright lights, is it *possible* to make a monitor look like it was
> nightvision (only show the green end of the spectrum etc etc).
> I'm just asking "is it possible"?
> H
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