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From: cs_bluechip
Date: Tue Feb 18, 2003 8:06pm
Subject: [Derren Brown] Re: Kazaa ?

Point your TV remote control at your video camera some time ;)
Not all "light" is visible to the human eye - night vision camera tend to run
in the infra-red light spectrum, much like the new face-on speed cameras :)

You could possibly locate dangerous obstacles by attaching a large PK magnet to
the end of your willy, as you faced a metallic object (such as the nails in the
wood on which each obstacle was mounted) then you would spontaneously
experience a mild erection, thus indicating which direction were safe

--- In a previous message aka wrote:
> Do not recommend Kazaa - try <>
> instead. It is exactly the same client but without the spyware and the
> advertising.....oh and it is free -----Original Message-----
> From: mat_2001mat [mailto:]
> Sent: 17 February 2003 21:01
> To:
> Subject: [Derren Brown] Re: Kazaa ? Yes i was planning to buy a TV tuner for my pc.
> And i am going to record the DB mind control when it starts on the
> 28th.
> But i probobly wont start sharing it until i have broadband which is
> a pity as its only 218/250 at the moment.
> Untill then :-(
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