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From: uv_been_r00ted
Date: Wed Feb 19, 2003 10:53pm
Subject: Re: Walk the Plank

I work alot with camera's within my profession and would say i am 99%
sure that the image you see on the monitor is genuine!

night vision works by emitting an infra red style beam underneath the
lens itself casting onto the desired area....this beam is not visible
to the human eye, but can be picked up by camera

test it out....if you have a video camera enabled with night vision
or 'Olux' as it is know...get in a pitch black room, set up an object
and view it....then place your hand on the panel below the lens of
your camera...everything will vanish cos the beam is blocked!!!

Reproducing an authentic night vision effect is pretty damn hard to
do without the use of computer generated graphics.....looks great in
a console game, 'Halo' on Xbox is a good example for any of you out
there interested in the gaming world.....however this effect wouldnt
cut the mustard when trying to incorporate it into real flowing


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