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From: designforlife
Date: Thu Feb 20, 2003 4:08pm
Subject: Re: Kelly show

The Kelly Show is on BBC Norn Irn (tv) and is to the best of my
knowledge not available in London, or outside Ireland at all. Kelly
himself is a bit like a short, fat Matthew Kelly (minus the alleged
criminal activity). His jocular amateurishness and a wobbly set,
coupled with the kind of mundanity that only the middle-aged can
fathom makes this must-see tv.
(Imagine old-style GMTV for the blue rinse brigade, only at night and
not as good. Set yer videos!)

--- In a previous message mesaboogieuk wrote:
> I noticed on Derren website that he will be appearing on "The
> SHow" in Ireland on Friday. Can anyone tell me whether this is TV
> radio and if we can get this channel/station in London?
> Thanks

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