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From: Ben Waddington
Date: Fri Feb 21, 2003 10:17am
Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] Re: Experiment 2

Some sort of football thing... it's an interesting
experiment but I would think it's close to impossible
to succeed in the written form... there's no emphasis
on anything and no way to accompany the words helpful
gestures etc., anchoring etc. Good fun though!

--- gareth_uk_1999
wrote: > I got JFK. When you gonna post the answers??
Let us
> know what you
> had planned and why it was going to work.
> Gaz
> --- In a previous message peterhoward20002000
> wrote:
> > OK this time in the news headlines, a recent
> incident almost
> > forgotten. I run it like a tape in my head, a
> video running on a
> > player. Look at the room but it's incidental.
> Carefully watching
> > aim for the key person in this ought to bring it
> home. Play back
> and
> > see it through my eyes as it comes to you. Push
> the button and
> face
> > the screen, shot frame by frame feeling what I
> feel. Imagine I
> filmed
> > a video, and become the editor, but try hard to
> see what I saw.
> > Game over ~ did you get it?


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