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From: peterhoward20002000
Date: Fri Feb 21, 2003 6:56pm
Subject: Re: Experiment

Welcome Back ~ your contribution has been sorely missed. Ive had to
fill in my time writing drivel like this!

--- In a previous message killerb_0187 wrote:
> Jesus christ!!
> That's the most confusing thing I've ever read!
> --- In a previous message peterhoward20002000 wrote:
> > Again works on verbal rather than text level with accompanying
> > nonverbal cues and clues, embedded statements and suggestions
> >
> > OK try this. Now this isn't a test of how good I am but how you
> > are at ESP. I'm doing the easy bit ~ but when you get good at it,
> > this stuff really (rocks) (Blackpool rock?) like a (roller
> coaster!)
> > In a moment, I'm going to be thinking of a town in England. Now
> when
> > I have the image in my mind like a (postcard) at first you maybe
> (see
> > its in black) (sea ~ Black as in Blackpool) and white, (or gone)
> > (organ) in (shades) (sunglasses?) of grey as it can be misty ~
> > (sibilance) then it'll stick out a mile (golden?). You (can't
> > (tram) remember?) but you can (train) (tram) to read between
> > (lines) (tramlines), and get (pleasure (pleasure beach) each)
> > you do. (To where) (tower) am I going? It could be a (seaside
> > (it is!) but it could also be (inland ~ cause your) (in
> > able to take that (photo (postcard)) and (see (sea)) for
> (yourselves)
> > (seashells) and zoom in. Be (sure (shore)) and (besides (the
> > seaside)) when you do its like (gold and smile (golden mile)) at
> how
> > easy (sea) it is! Now (its back and pull) (its black pool) it all
> > together, (focus) (camera) and what do you (see) (sea) ?

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