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From: hypersang
Date: Sat Feb 22, 2003 2:24pm
Subject: Re: Derren Brown Article on TV Times... 22-28 Feb 2003 Issue.

Hello Lauren,

Glad you like the scans, there are more now as I've got the rest of
the TV guide magazines scanned too.

Not sure if we are allowed to be giving away any of his tricks here
but I do know how the number trick is done - I've read two other
magazines and they didn't say the spectator tells him the number, I
thought he suggested/forced a number to them but from the TV Times
article it appears that he simply guesses twice (doesn't matter if
it's wrong, bonus if it is right) then just ask what the number was.
From there he can just do the 4x4 square and amazing the audience!

Yes he says he learned how to speed/photo read, I am on my way
learning this technique along with learning memory skills. It's the
most amazing thing - to be able to recall anything in your mind at
any time! This is how Derren can recall the line of any page of any
book! It does take time to get quick at it, he says he can photo read
a book in about 20 minutes which is damn quick!!

Hope this was interesting for you...


--- In a previous message lauren_macsporren
> Thankyou v.v.much for scanning the TV Times! I'm astounded by
> the 'think of a number' thing. Do you think he made the interviewer
> think of 45? I didn't know he could actually speed read aswell, I
> thought that was a trick??? Or..... did he just remember one line
> the book and suggest to her which line it was? He is way too clever. --- In a previous message hypersang wrote:
> > This is my first post and i'd like to say hello to everyone here.
> >
> > Just to let you all know, I've scanned the pages of the Derren
> Brown
> > article and it's in the Files section in 'TV Times' folder.
> >
> > Hope i'm not going to get in trouble for this, it's also best if
> > everyone gets a copy for themselves anyways - it's only 75p!
> >
> > Hope you all enjoy it, more scans to come... doing them now :)
> >
> > PS. If anyone else has any other old articles that are hard to
> find,
> > or have any of the Derren Brown appear on any TV shows ie. Born
> > Sloppy, Richard & Judy please could you share them with us in the
> > group. Maybe it can be captured from VHS to PC on mpg format or
> > something.
> >
> > Many thanks and kind Regards,
> >
> > Sang

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