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From: lauren_macsporren
Date: Sat Feb 22, 2003 3:36pm
Subject: Re: Derren Brown Article on TV Times... 22-28 Feb 2003 Issue.

So speed reading/photo reading is actually possible? It's not a
trick? I tried learning but I tend to give up on things if I'm not
100% positive that the goal is achievable. Maybe I'll try again if it
really is possible.

--- In a previous message hypersang wrote:
> Hello Lauren,
> Glad you like the scans, there are more now as I've got the rest of
> the TV guide magazines scanned too.
> Not sure if we are allowed to be giving away any of his tricks here
> but I do know how the number trick is done - I've read two other
> magazines and they didn't say the spectator tells him the number, I
> thought he suggested/forced a number to them but from the TV Times
> article it appears that he simply guesses twice (doesn't matter if
> it's wrong, bonus if it is right) then just ask what the number
> From there he can just do the 4x4 square and amazing the audience!
> Yes he says he learned how to speed/photo read, I am on my way
> learning this technique along with learning memory skills. It's the
> most amazing thing - to be able to recall anything in your mind at
> any time! This is how Derren can recall the line of any page of any
> book! It does take time to get quick at it, he says he can photo
> a book in about 20 minutes which is damn quick!!
> Hope this was interesting for you...
> Sang
> --- In a previous message lauren_macsporren"
> wrote:
> > Thankyou v.v.much for scanning the TV Times! I'm astounded by
> > the 'think of a number' thing. Do you think he made the
> > think of 45? I didn't know he could actually speed read aswell, I
> > thought that was a trick??? Or..... did he just remember one line
> in
> > the book and suggest to her which line it was? He is way too
> >
> >
> >
> > --- In a previous message hypersang wrote:
> > > This is my first post and i'd like to say hello to everyone
> > >
> > > Just to let you all know, I've scanned the pages of the Derren
> > Brown
> > > article and it's in the Files section in 'TV Times' folder.
> > >
> > > Hope i'm not going to get in trouble for this, it's also best
> > > everyone gets a copy for themselves anyways - it's only 75p!
> > >
> > > Hope you all enjoy it, more scans to come... doing them now :)
> > >
> > > PS. If anyone else has any other old articles that are hard to
> > find,
> > > or have any of the Derren Brown appear on any TV shows ie. Born
> > > Sloppy, Richard & Judy please could you share them with us in
> > > group. Maybe it can be captured from VHS to PC on mpg format
> > > something.
> > >
> > > Many thanks and kind Regards,
> > >
> > > Sang

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