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From: dan_procter99
Date: Sun Feb 23, 2003 10:18am
Subject: Re: Richard and Judy - Map reading

If you have it on tape, watch carefully. Most of the time when
Richard is talking, he has his mouth closed. When he is thinking of
the association he opens his mouth and it hangs open for a couple
seconds. I think thats how he knew that bit.

--- In a previous message werdnajas wrote:
> When I watched Derren on Richard and Judy - we all know we talks
> about how he reads signals off people and interprets them. Well
> Richard was thinking about Baker Street, I noticed Derren said
> somewhere in the middle that Richard was thinking about a man with
> hat and something in his mouth.
> Now I may be no expert but I am pretty certain you can't read that
> sort of information off a person's signals. Does anyone have an
> how that is done??

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