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From: hypersang
Date: Sun Feb 23, 2003 3:24pm
Subject: Re: 4x4

Hi Tim,

I am very sure that Derren wouldn't be too happy because he is
currently using this trick and would be wrong to say how it's done.
Not only that, the trick will not be as impressive once everyone
knows how the trick is done!

I can say this; originally the 4x4 trick [not the real name] is a
mathematical thing and Derren extended it with some presentation to
make the trick more effective. If you find the right book you will
see how it is done.

If any of you Derren Brown fans are from London and would like to
meet up for a 'Derren Brown' night out (Derren Brown won't be there
obviously). We can go to a bar or something to share ideas and
discuss his tricks, or to practice/perform it on each other that'll
be cool.

I am a strong believer that a trick/technique isn't to be exposed at
all unless one is geniunely interested in magic/mentalism and not
someone who just wanted to know how a trick is done - and maybe even
show off to their friends etc... but I can tell when we meet up
whether you are or not.

I'm not great and still practicing, I'm still into the Card Magic
side of things mixed with Mentalism/Mind-Control whereas Derren would
choose not go near a deck of cards for his tricks. He would just do
tricks that don't involve sleight of hand as im sure most of you all

The one's I still need practice on are the one's where you read
people to see if they are giving away anything. ie. where you get the
spectator to put a coin in their hand and you guess which hand it is
5 times in a row, or paper/scissor/stone etc.

In all of that, I hope i'm not contradicting myself there :)


--- In a previous message tim joler wrote:
> hello all. this is aimed at hyper sang but anyone else
> who knows please tell me. my question is how do you do
> the 4x4 number square trick? hyper said he knew how db
> guessed 45. thanks.
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