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From: killerb_0187
Date: Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:14am
Subject: Re: Richard & Judy , Derren's Tour and MC4 on Friday...

Yeah, I think that's the explanation he used on the show. But I'm
still not so convinced.

I'll have to try it out myself to be sure. I'm sure there was auto-
suggestion going on there aswell... (on the boxers side).

By the way; has anyone seen the ad for Derren's MC show on C4?? It
looks fantastic!! But they showed all the good bits. Which is what
they do in an advert for a film!

--- In a previous message mat_2001mat wrote:
> I think what he does is he would start by putting him in a light
> trance and says he wont be able to lift jasmin. But the real effect
> is the Wait[Weight] as he slaps his shoulder. And as he tries to
> he breaths out heavily as if holding a great weight and places it
> above his shoulders.
> Sorry if you already knew it, just explaining what i think is the
> process.

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