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From: killerb_0187
Date: Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:24am
Subject: Re: a lurker has posted!!!

--- In a previous message kirky_watkiss wrote:
> hi guys! this is my first post, i wanna appologise for lurking. i
> dont do it on purpose, but i go to boarding skool and the skool
> internet system blocks chat rooms and yahoo groups. so i cudnt

Okay, well there's an easy way around that! If your school is smart
they would have blocked this too, but somehow I doubt they are! The
solution is; Proxy servers. One good one is "Guardster
(", another one is "Silenter".
There are soo many more. Millions, quite litrally, so do some
searches on free proxy servers, and you'll find loads.

Right, now I'm getting a sneaky suspecion that you don't know what
the hell I'm going on about. I'll give you a VERY brief explanation
of what a proxy server does. It stands between your computer and the
webpage (webserver really), that you are trying to access. By doing
that, your school network will just think that you are visiting the
proxy site (some smart schools/colleges block those too).

So what basically happens is that you go to, say, guardster then you
type in And the proxy
server will re-route your request for that website through their
server. So, in the end, everyone is happy!


You could simply post and read the group through e-mail, heh heh ;)

Bet you want to kill me now!

> im home now for a week so i'll probably post a few times a day.
> and secondly i wanna say howe frustrated i was that i cudnt get
> online last wednesday. i was soooo annoyed again cuz of the skool
> system, all i cuz do was sit there watchin the time go by, goin
> he's online now etc.
> best wishes for every Derren lover
> kirsten

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