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From: kirky_watkiss
Date: Mon Feb 24, 2003 2:18pm
Subject: Re: a lurker has posted!!!

killerb, y wud i want to kill you? you have just given me a
fantastic way of getting round my crappy skools internet system!
course i dont know if it will work yet untill i go back to skool.
all i can say now is... thank you, thank you, thank you,thank you!

--- In a previous message killerb_0187 wrote:
> --- In a previous message kirky_watkiss
> > hi guys! this is my first post, i wanna appologise for lurking. i
> > dont do it on purpose, but i go to boarding skool and the skool
> > internet system blocks chat rooms and yahoo groups. so i cudnt
> post!
> Okay, well there's an easy way around that! If your school is smart
> they would have blocked this too, but somehow I doubt they are! The
> solution is; Proxy servers. One good one is "Guardster
> (", another one is "Silenter".
> There are soo many more. Millions, quite litrally, so do some
> searches on free proxy servers, and you'll find loads.
> Right, now I'm getting a sneaky suspecion that you don't know what
> the hell I'm going on about. I'll give you a VERY brief explanation
> of what a proxy server does. It stands between your computer and
> webpage (webserver really), that you are trying to access. By doing
> that, your school network will just think that you are visiting the
> proxy site (some smart schools/colleges block those too).
> So what basically happens is that you go to, say, guardster then
> type in And the proxy
> server will re-route your request for that website through their
> server. So, in the end, everyone is happy!
> You could simply post and read the group through e-mail, heh heh ;)
> Bet you want to kill me now!
> > im home now for a week so i'll probably post a few times a day.
> > and secondly i wanna say howe frustrated i was that i cudnt get
> > online last wednesday. i was soooo annoyed again cuz of the skool
> > system, all i cuz do was sit there watchin the time go by, goin
> well
> > he's online now etc.
> >
> > best wishes for every Derren lover
> > kirsten

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