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From: coldcoldethyl
Date: Tue Feb 25, 2003 1:06am
Subject: Eager

Hey there - I have just joined this group - I did not realise that
Derren has so many fans :)

I'm seeing him 28th March (2 days before my birthday) at a theatre
just round the corner to me - and I just cannot wait. I have read
many reviews of the tour and it seems that it is going very well

Well - let me introduce myself..

The names' Tim - although my screen name has Ethyl in, it does not
mean i'm a female - Cold Ethyl is one of my favorite songs from
Alice Cooper. I wear Glasses and enjoy Magic and computing. I have
been doing magic for about 6/7 years - although I do not try to
achieve the tricks Derren does i really admire him.

Anyway , I'm sure it is deffinetly worth my while joining this
group - and i hope to have a good chat about one of Magic's TRUE

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