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From: designforlife
Date: Wed Feb 26, 2003 3:30am
Subject: Derren on "Kelly"

As many of you no doubt didn't see this, he did the guessing of old
schoolfriend's name and the map reading thing. He took ages to guess
the name, as it appears he did not cop on to being in Ireland until
late in the day.
I know he has guessed that Cornish-y name before, but really, you
don't have to be the "cleverest man in Britain" to bear two things in
mind when you're guessing names in Ireland: Loads of names end
in "y", and LOADS of names (up north) start with "Mc" (or "O" if
you're in the Free State - but hey, don't let me be giving you too
many techniques here lads). The name was McIllenry or something.

The whole thing went down like a cabbage sandwich with the audience,
but Kelly was suitable impressed.

And another thing, (re: Observer article), I don't care how
coquettish he wants to look in his photos, "convincing"
waiters/waitresses that you've already paid your bill is a bit low,
even if it is only a meal for one. I hope he tips well now because he
has some karma to make up for.

And thanks for the scans, Hypersang. It is always good to actually
see what Derren has eaten for breakfast, perhaps we could start a
nostril-hair watch?! ;-) Just kidding.

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