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From: hypersang
Date: Wed Feb 26, 2003 5:17pm
Subject: Re: 4x4

If you read my post previously, you would have picked up how Derren
got the number to draw the Magic Square - Read the magazine scans
I've done too - it gives some of it away there.

He doesn't have to predict it to draw it up, if you know how to do
the Magic Square then you will realise that you can write some of the
numbers and then ask what the number they was thinking of... then
write down the remaining numbers to ADD up to the chosen number.

Then when you start adding it up, they will be so focussed on that
and will forget you even asked them because you have misdirected them
with all the 'supposedly' random set of numbers in front of them.

Just to be sure... are we allowed to expose his tricks on this group
then? I'm new so I wasn't too sure.

Best to form your own judgement on whether it's worth 26 when you've
finished reading it and hopefully making use of it. :)


--- In a previous message evilk3fka wrote:
> Everyone knows how to do the magic square, but no one's said about
> prediction yet..
> BTW I got 13 Steps To Mentalism today, is it worth the 26 quid?
> Joe

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