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From: ganetauk
Date: Wed Feb 26, 2003 8:56pm
Subject: transcript of chat?? pace, pace, pace, lead....for influence, and hypnosis

Hi Simon,

I did not make a transcript of the first chat, as the idea was to
test if the chat program worked and also to see if there was any
point in doing a chat at all. From the feedback I have received from
members was very positive and I hope the chats will become a major
part of cotech.

I will be making transcriptions of chats in the near future, and
specifically, the online lessons.

Simon, you said if there was not a transcription of the chat, you
would like to know more about "pace, pace, pace, lead."

PACE - the term 'pacing' means matching another person's ongoing
experience. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Imagine, as you sit there now, that I wish to guide you into a
hypnotic trance, how do I go about this?

Well first I PACE you, I describe things I sense and know are
happening to and about you right now -I point out your ongoing
experience. So, for example... I can guess that right now you are...

1 You are breathing.

2 I guess you are sitting down
(if I was in a face-to-face conversation with you, I would not need
to guess, I could just look at you)

3 you are read these words
(if I was face-to-face with you, I could say "you are listening to my
voice" etc.)

OK, all I have done so far, in the above example, is to describe what
I sense is happening TO YOU as we speak...I am describing parts of
your ongoing experience.

Above I point out three parts of your ongoing experience (breathing,
sitting, reading).

That's "pacing" verbally, describing to you via my words what is
happening to you. You can now work with these three pieces of
information in order to guide you into something that's NOT happening
to you, but I LEAD you in such a way that my suggestion BECOMES a
part of your ongoing experience. Let me show you...

The following paragraph is structured in the following way:

1 - I PACE you three times (using the above example -breathing,
sitting and reading), I describe what I KNOW is happening to you
(Important - I am NOT guessing what is happening to you. I don't know
what is happening inside your head, for example, so I don't mention
any of that when pacing. I stick to things I can sense - see, hear,

2 - Then after pacing you three times, I LEAD you. In other words, I
describe something that is NOT part of your ongoing experience, I
just LEAD you to think that it is.

Because of the pacing, you will follow my LEAD and you'll begin
to "think and feel" that it IS happening. You'll think as I pace you

"yes I am doing that, yes I know I am doing that, yes I am doing that

- then when I mention something that you "might" be able to do, you
will think

"yes I am able to do that....I am doing that now too"

ready, read sloooooowly...


....and as you sit there now.....and you are reading my words....and
you feel yourself breathing, ......out.... as you
continue to breath in and out....i wonder if you might notice ....
your breathing deeper ...and can begin to..... feel your
shoulders relaaaaaaaax ...... take all the time you need to ....feel
this now............


I paced you first (pointing out things that I know you are
doing): "you sit there", "you are reading my words", and "you are

Then I "lead" you, I add a suggestion to do something you might or
might not be doing at that point in time: "feel your breathing deeper
now", "relax your shoulders" etc.

I use words such as "may", "might" and so on, to give you a feeling
of choice. I don't ORDER you to "feel this or that".

I say "you MIGHT feel this now" or "you MAY notice ...your breathing
deeper than before". I suggest, you follow me?

You see, you were sitting there, reading and breathing...but you
might nooooot have felt yourself breathing deeper, until I mentioned
it of course :o) To avoid turning this into a complex post I will end
it here. I hope it has given you some idea of "pace, pace, pace,

....As you finish reading this post....and you might begin to think
about whether or understand it...and I wonder if you'll
notice that...your breathing deeper than before you started reading
my post, I don't may notice this now....or in a moment
from now.....but you will notice it....

Regards Terry

CHAT - 8pm-10pm GMT, Thursday (tomorrow) 27th

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