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From:Date: Thu Feb 27, 2003 4:56pm
Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] Re: 4x4 (how it's done)

As I said I got "13 Steps to Mentalism", and so I can now do this effect by
asking the subject to write the number, and then pencil reading it. Isn't
that book useful!?


In a message dated 26/02/03 17:41:14 GMT Standard Time,

> There's various ways of doing it, just find something that fits your
> style.
> I think Derren does it either by suggesting a number to them ie. a
> subtle suggestion/force , cold reading, or simply ask them after two
> guess attempts.
> Well you know the number is between 30 and 100...
> The way I would do it is (assuming 62 is chosen):
> Firstly draw some of the numbers of the Magic Square (4x4), then just
> talk to them and draw the single digit numbers on the 4x4 that has to
> be on there. You could ask if their 'thought of' number contains any
> of those numbers - you can kinda pick up on that with their respond
> to it... ie. hesitation, eye movements etc.
> Cos dont forget, there is only 10 different single digit numbers:
> 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
> So if you guess 45 and they said NO! then you can ask if it had a 4
> or a 5. If they say no, you can write them on the 4x4 if you needed
> to then you can make another attempt and say something like 93 and
> ask the same. (there you have eliminated a few numbers already!)
> If you have a feeling that you have got it right, then ask if 62 (or
> whatever it is in mind) is the correct answer. If that is wrong just
> ask them for the number.
> Then you can say and do whatever you need to, to write the rest of
> the numbers on the magic square.
> Then do the adding up :)
> Just my idea... haven't seen Derren perform this live so I don't know
> what he says and does.
> Hope that should be enough info to get you practicing.
> Sang



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