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From: killerb_0187
Date: Fri Feb 28, 2003 1:53pm
Subject: Re: a few explanations........

--- In a previous message darren_de_bruin wrote:
> Hi, Im new to this group. To start off here are a few of my

Welcome, it's a very friendly group...well most of the time anyway! :D

> on what Derren is actually doing om his Mind Control series.
> I'll start off with the guy on the underground. If u listen closely
> u'll see he asks him to think of his stop and very quickly
> says 'thinking of ur STOP THINKING of ur STOP THINKING...etc. or
> something like that. I think he waves his finger in front of the
> face as well to distract his conscious mind thereby allowing those
> suggestions to enter his subconscious easily.

Quotations are wrong, but I think you're right about most of the
other things. I really don't like it when people mis-quote what
derren says on his show, coz it really F's up their explanations of

> At the dog track he slams on the wall with his hand (another shock
> technique) and then gives an overt command 'this is the dog ur
> looking for'. At the second window he says "thats why we've come to
> this WINdow" to reinforce that the dog has actually won (when it
> hasn't)

Yep, it's been grilled many times before.

> With the chess master he says plenty of things to influence him
> before making his decision on what colour peg to pick. I think he
> says something like "easy peasy lemon sqeezy" and PEASy and LEMON
> supposed to make u think of the colour green even though lemons are
> yellow! Anyway the guy picks green first.

Hmm, Possibly. The guy caught onto the fact that Derren was trying to
influence him to think of yellow, so then he chose green, probably
coz that's the closest match or something.

> After that he says "I will say NOTHING to influence u" and I
> think 'nothing' is meant to symbolise 'white' to the subconscious
> sure enough he picks white!

Yeah, correct, also he startes pointing to his white skin while
saying it.

> I cant remember what he says for the other two colours
> With the blind athlete I think the whole technique was creating an
> image in the guys mind. He says very sneakily "ur sat there with ur
> wife, now are u indoors or outdoors?" Of course there aren't going
> be any seats outdoors so he picks indoors of course. Before this he
> guesses that he is married but Im sure the research was done on
> beforehand!
> The one trick I didn't like was the candle one and i think that can
> be explained by the fact that his hand was a bit higher than the
> other peoples over the flame and also he moves it up and down very
> quickly thereby allowing the heat to dissipate and never allowing
> hand to get burnt.

I totally disagree here.

I tried this candle thing alot when I was abroad. Have you felt how
painful it is to do that!?!?! I can only keep it there for like 10-20
seconds before my hand moves away. There is no way you can move
it "up and down" to reduce the heat, unless you move it a metre or
something higher.

I didn't see Derrens hand move at all up and down anyway, did you? I
think he may have hypnotised himself before or something. The same
thing he did to that other guy at the operating theatre when he stuck
a needle through his hand. I think he may have given himself a "dead
hand", or something.

> One of the things I dont know how he does is reading peoples minds
> like he does on all chat shows he goes on. How can he do that by
> looking in their eyes/reading their mouth movements?!
> The other thing was that Martial Arts 'air punch'! I mean Derren
> behind the guy so he couldn't see him! Any suggestions or comments
> this will be very welcome.

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