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From: killerb_0187
Date: Fri Feb 28, 2003 2:25pm
Subject: Re: a few explanations........

This msg made me laugh sooo loud, I think my next door neighbours
must have heard me. LOL!! I really wasn't expecting this sorta reply.

Thanks for the good humor...

--- In a previous message darren_de_bruin wrote:
> Yes his hand was shaking quite violently (I think, dont have it on
> tape or anything)
> I dont think he hypnotised himself (well not in the conventional
> of self-hypnosis) but I did notice (and make sure u watch it again)
> that he looks at one of the girls breasts (which I believe were
> nice) as a way of going 'somewhere else' in his mind and
> himself from the pain. Theres no better distraction than sex! I
> many of u dont seem to think of Derren as the naughty sexual type
> he's like the rest of us really.
> Anyway gotta go, Im back on monday so please reply if u want.

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