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From: wayneryder
Date: Fri Feb 28, 2003 2:57pm
Subject: Re: the girl that can't be picked up by the boxers

I mentioned a similar thing in Post 1561.

--- In a previous message mrb_bailey wrote:
> the effect... girl gets into ring. Derren gets a big boxer to lift
> girl. 1st time he can... Then he does his bit. the next time the
> can't lift the girl... heres how you can do this.
> Well I can't say for sure if this was how the trick was done; but
> effect of what was done is easy to recreate.
> For anyone that has done ki-aikido there is a thing called
> body. The basic idea is to teach you that if serveral people can't
> lift you up at once, then there is no way the person you are pinning
> to the floor will be able to lift you(get up). A good example is a
> naughty toddler not wanting to move then going dead on the floor and
> somehow they weight 400 times more than they should.
> I've not idea why it works I've only been doing aikido for a year
> the aikido people call it using KI. There are a whole load of other
> "magic/mind control effects" to be had out of it. but if you show a
> person who does aikido and call it magic or mind control you'll be
> laughed at.
> So here the thing. the girl knows aikido or he tells her how to do
> this just before. Derren does his bit and sells the effect and does
> very well. Which is most important bit.
> Mean while she does the work. 1st lift she goes tence and can be
> lifted. The second lift she uses KI (yes I know its odd but you get
> use to it) and big stong man gets his first taste of aikido. she
> be lifted.
> There is one guy (the biggest) who can lift her. Now this might be
> just part of the whole selling the effect or it could be that she
> looked at him and lost her concentration, went tence and up she
> -------------
> what do you think?

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