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From: Ben Waddington
Date: Fri Feb 28, 2003 3:59pm
Subject: "My Derren Dream" it, Derren and I were chatting in an informal
setting. I was keen to avoid the "do a trick" approach
and instead talked about "About Schmitt" which I had
just seen, remarking that the daughter's boyfriend
character could easily be some sleazy Vegas act
mentalist (in his looks) replete with huge handlebar
moustache, mullet and thinning hair (erm, possibly a
bad opening gambit on reflection). Derren instead
appeared to be keen to do a trick and offered to
demonstrate something, so I said "Sure". His spiel was
for me to think of an object, and preceded this with a
patter involving "There are more things in heaven and
earth..." to underline the fact I could think of one
of many things... He went on to ask me to think of one
object in Heaven... the suggestrion was I do it NOW
rather than fool around for ever to come up with
something. I thought of a harp... Derren prevaricated
in a showmanesque fashion before saying, "Oh, is it a
lyre?" In the dream, I had to think what a "lyre"
was... but yes, he had got it! Wow. The last moments
of the dream involved me saying that there was a Lyre
in his Mind Control segment involving the advertising
designers... maybe that was why... and then the dream
petered out.

Some thoughts: I was wondering if this could actually
prove to be a credible mind reading routine... it
would be a lyre everytime, (because what other objects
is there in heaven? God? A throne? A pearly gate and
Saint Peter are not actually IN heaven.. and a cloud
is too nebulous to be an object) If you knew something
about credible mind reading routines you could start
with this, then move to "Earth" and ask the spec to
think of an object there. Using the classic one ahead
method, you could (nail?) write the harder answer and
switch the billets... could actually be rather good,
why am I revealing it here?!

But why not try it on someone and report back?
Technically this routine belongs to the Dream Derren,
as I doubt I would have thought of it myself, so I
don't know how you would seek performing keep quiet about it.

I'd be interested to hear anyone else's "Derren
dreams..."(not Lauren's... I can guess how they would

PS Note: "There are more things that in H&E than are
DREAMT of in your [etc]" Derren was trying to warn me
it was a dream...

[Age: 32 Gender: M]


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